STEWART | Handmade leather goods

Stewart was born in Florence, in Tuscany, in 1975. Since then, he has been producing artisans using a wealth of knowledge of long tradition. Tuscany, and Florence in particular, are famous all over the world for the production of leather garments. Here, in fact, leather processing has deep roots and is based on secrets and manual skills handed down from generation to generation.

Each Stewart garment is handmade and is designed and built to last over time and grow old with grace, with the beauty that only a unique piece is able to offer.


A black leather jacket has been an edgy and cool symbol of freedom since the 50s. MDK signature gives a sophisticated, classic and timeless design – far beyond common re-interpretation of the iconic jacket.



Stutterheim creates beautiful yet functional rainwear in the highest quality. All coats are handmade using the finest craftsmanship and are characterized by simplicity, funcitionnality and timeless design.


Universal Works was inspired by David’s formative years growing up in a provincial midlands town in the seventies, part of a working class family that loved to dress well; seeing his Dad and Uncles in their work-wear and also when dressing for the weekend. Next, working as a sign-writers apprentice, whilst experiencing the development of eighties sporting and music subcultures. And finally a thirty-year span in the fashion industry. From Paul Smith to Maharishi he gained an education from and worked alongside some of the best in the industry.


Copenhagen based menswear brand proposing a scandinavian take on the americana aesthetics.


UNFAIR ATHLETICS is a contemporary street – and sportswear brand officially founded in 2015. Made with passion for all the different characters out there and always having an eye on the streets. Starting out as a backroom get-together it has developed into a whole lifestyle. Different than anything else in the game – courtesy of the huge network in so many subcultures giving the clothes its authenticity. The UNFAIR vision: Matching those subcultures. UNFAIR ATHL. in 2020


PALLET LIFE STORY crafts garments with deep rooted manufacturing tradition in our town. We are committed to weave a new concept of colors we pursue into our products.


The Deadwood Story

Deadwood was founded in 2012 by Carl Ollson and Felix von Bahder. The two buddies had gotten to know each other working in a jeans shop together in Stockholm but they would soon begin dreaming of creating a store concept of their own, one that truly embodied their personalities and aesthetics. Said and done, the dream came true and soon they had opened their very own boutique. It was going to be vintage store, a treasure chest for used pre-loved clothes, but it would go on and become so much more. Slowly the idea of a clothing line evolved, and more so – a new way of doing things differently. The production of clothing, today a trillion dollar industry, is one of the dirtiest in the world. It was clear that this fashion status quo needed to be turned on it’s head. Carl and Felix had the perfect platform to rise to the task. Deadwood, as a clothing brand, was born.



Amsterdenim, built on Ideas from Denim comes together in a new century.

The Amsterdenim century 2012

With all respect for all the denim-labels who are located in Amsterdam, we will carry our name with pride. The collection, stands for: rebellion, critical, relaxed, true, original (your reliable friend). The outfit will give you the connection with Amsterdam, for every suitable occasion, from, to dress-


in Paradiso to hanging out the Vondelpark. From the catwalks to the ones who rule the streets. We don’t compromise, (this is Amsterdam!), we know what’s going on in the world.

The recognizable details are the dark blue-yarn we use for the stitching and waht the logo stands for.



The Dudes Factory was founded in 2010 by good friends in Berlin with the common goal to create a brand that allows you to develop your own creative ideas and lifestyle. By collaborating with a variety of artists, the Dudes finally found the perfect partner for an intensive collaboration with mcbess and finally united their forces and brought mcbees on board as partners. Since then, mcbess has helped to develop and define the face of the brand with his individual style. The ideal image of the Dudes is to keep the creative process fresh, entertaining and in line with their lifestyle – this lifestyle is defined by art, music, culinary delicacies and a wide range of different sub-cultures such as skating, tattoos and graffiti. All together, they seamlessly merge to form the unique brand that The Dudes is today.



Dico Copenhagen – established by Søren Dørge Petersen in 1997 introducing pants to men and women. His timeless design and high sense for quality went for instant success. In 2002 Dico Copenhagen introduced shoes and boots to the Danish market. Within a few years they expanded to most of Europe and to Australia. Dico Copenhagen is well known for their original Gaucho boots made with waxed Escovado calf leather in natural colors. The Original Dico Copenhagen boots were made in several natural colors as Dark tan, Light tan, Brown and Charcoal black, and presents cool and stylish fashion for the quality conscious consumer. All Dico Copenhagen shoes and boots are produced in Europe to the highest standards, and creates long lasting fashion without compromises.


Novesta`s production facilities date back to the 1930s, when the famous shoemaker Jan Antonin Bata opened a new factory in the small town of Partizanske in the middle of Slovakia.

Ecological foorwear

For Novesta, quality design refers to more than fashion. We are dedicated to manufacturing shoes according to the highest environmental standards. That’s why we use materials such as natural rubber and 100% cotton and linen. These materials allow us to produce ecological footwear of the highest quality.


Fabrizio Mandolesi comes from an artistic family. The father Vittorio, was a capable artisan. From 1970, he is an estimated master. He started his career with passion and could see his dreams come true with Fauzian Jeunesse.
Fauzian Jeunesse is quality, creativity, fashion. You can get high-quality and sporting vintage old-style shoes for men and women, obviously Made in Italy. The eccellent leather, the handmade making-process, „the garment dyed“, make the product unique and original.


Pawelk’s ®, brand owned by „Calzaturificio Benegiamo“, has gained international resonance over its 50 years of history and many of its models are shown in the windows of the most important cities in the world. The company, founded back in 1962, is already in its third generation and boasts a young and dynamic management under the leadership of the CEO Fernando Benegiamo. The Design area, led by Designer Massimo Benegiamo, is the strength of the company: Antonio, Andrea and Marco form the young team of designers who are responsible for the creation, design, research of materials and development of prototypes from the idea up to to start production.


The True Heritage collection from Green Boots revives the traditional Portuguese worker’s shoe that has been worn by many generations of workers since the 1950s. They can easily last up to 10 years.

The boots are manufactured in Portugal using the Goodyear World Process. This makes them durable and easy to repair. The special feature: The soles are made of recycled tyres, mostly aircraft tyres.

Universal Works x Sebago.

Founded in 1946, the Sebago company is rich in history. The first-ever shoe released featured the company’s patented welt construction & was a big success. By 1970, Sebago released their most recognisable model to date, the iconic ‚Dockside‘ boat shoe. With a firm foundation in quality and style, Universal Works is proud and hugely excited to be releasing another collaboration with this prolific brand.

PuntoVita & Arsenice

PuntoVita & Arsenice tells the story of a leather goods manufacturers and crafters of leather accessories, bags and belts for over 40 years that contains all of the love for tradition, high quality and evolved know-how which keeps growing.

”We celebrate the past, present and future Italian craftmanship and we look to tradition to reach innovation, without renouncing to personality, characteristic and creativity!”


The SANYAKO brand was created in Tokyo in 2015 from the intuition of the ispanic-californian fashion designer Roy Laussom, during one of his visits to Japan.Passionate about new trends, especially about shoes, he was considering since long to design a new iconic shoe inspired by the Street-Luxury movement.

Finally the right inspiration came during a stormy night in Tokyo…and the first sketch of the SANYAKO sneaker materialized in what is now the Thunderbolt !It’s already a must-have at some of the best italian fashion and streetwear stores.The sneaker has a vulcanized rubber sole and, most of all, the recognizable thunderbolt on the two sides of each shoe that provides the most identifiable feature of the brand and gives the name to its Iconic style.

Welcome to the world of SANYAKO, the shoe with the THUNDERBOLT!